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Dr. Howard C. Schneider

Dr. Howard C. Schneider

Dr. Howard C. Schneider, the director of Rose Psychological Solutions, is a recognized expert in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and autism. He has been successfully consulting with school districts and families in New York and New Jersey for 30 years. Services through Rose Psychological Solutions are provided either explicitly by Dr. Howard C. Schneider, the director, or by a trusted and qualified colleague. Rose Psychological Solutions offers assistance that creates opportunities for people through every stage of life, from early childhood and school age, to young adult. Through our programs we strive to provide resources for families when they are needed most.

Biographical Information:

Dr. Schneider has over 30 years of practical and research experience, having received a doctorate from George Peabody College for Teachers of Vanderbilt University in 1980 in the areas of Developmental Disabilities and Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Special Education. He is a licensed psychologist and also holds certifications for SDA (School District Administrator) and SAS (School Administrator and Supervisor). Dr, Schneider is also one of the founders and a past president of the New York Association for Behavior Analysis and one of the founders of the Tennessee Behavior Therapy Association. In addition, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Applied Behavior Analysis at local universities and has over 50 conference presentations and publications.

Dr. Schneider is perhaps the only consultant to districts in this region who has had the direct experience of daily operations of a special class program for children with autism. Dr. Schneider is the former founder and director of a school for children with autism which became the first successful replication of the renowned Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI).

  American Psychological Association Member       Nassau County Psychological Association Member