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Rose Psychological Solutions Services

Rose Psychological Solutions provides comprehensive psychological and consulting services for individuals and families. Services are provided to children, adolescents and young adults. Our primary office treatment facilities are located in Hicksville (Nassau County), Long Island. Out of office visits to a family's home or a childs school or camp are also available, as well as to any other appropriate outside venue.

Physicians have always communicated with their patients about their mental health needs. When a doctor asks, "How are you feeling today?" is that purely a question of physical well being? The relationship between mental health and physical health is very strong, and now family physicians in a growing trend are referring patients to a qualified psychologist, thereby taking a more active role in helping patients with their mental health, which in turn performs a preventative measure for the patient’s physical well being as well.

Dr. Howard C. Schneider, the director of Rose Psychological Solutions has been successfully consulting with school districts in New York and New Jersey for over 30 years. If your school district is interested in developing or enhancing your own in-house ABA program; experiencing any type of difficulty with spectrum or other students; is interested in curriculum development or staff training; or, in any way require consultation with an expert in the field, please contact us.

With over 30 years of clinical practice in private, outpatient and educational settings, Dr. Schneider has consulted with attorneys on a wide variety of matters pertaining to the psychological functioning of child, adolescent, and adult clients. In our highly regulated school and business settings, second opinions as well as outside evaluations and consultations are becoming routine in many situations and automatic when Impartial Hearings occur.